What do you want from me?

你还想怎样?What do you want from me?

你知道锡拉是什么吗?Do you know what Scylla is?
是公司的黑名册。It’s the Company’s little black book.
他本该拷贝一份交给我。So he was going to make a copy of it and give it to me.
你想要我做什么?What do you want from me?
你将被判以重罪。You’re looking at major time.

你不能到我的地盘。You don’t move into my city.
到我的办公室,就把我踩在脚下。Into my regional office and go over my head.
你要我怎么做?What do you want from me?

我是你最好的朋友 或是你最恐怖的敌人。I’m your best friend. Or your worst enemy.
由你来决定。It’s up to you.
你到底想要什么?What do you want from me?

你不是来检查水管的。You’re not surveying the water lines.
你也不是什么该死的清洗泳池的工人。And you’re not a fucking pool cleaner, either.
你到底是谁?Who the hell are you?
私家侦探。Private investigator.
你不介意把名片还我吧 我的名片不够用了。You mind if I have that card back? I’m running kind of low.
你要干什么?What do you want from me?
借一步说。Let’s walk.